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About Global

Global Foreign Exchange (PTY) LTD is a licensed authorised dealer, in the business of buying and selling foreign cash and traveller’s cheques for the purpose of business or holiday travel. We are based in Johannesburg and have been in operation since October 2002. We have one branch situated in Fordsburg, and another branch at Johannesburg International Airport.

The company is a Black Empowerment company in line with the ideals of the government of South Africa. Click here to view a listing of the current board

Global Foreign Exchange was issued a license in November 2002 by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). We are fully compliant with the standards required by the SARB, including computer systems.

We pride ourselves as being one of South Africa’s Independent Black Economic Empowered foreign exchange companies, with our professional approach and competent staff, we can provide the best in foreign exchange services to our corporate and leisure clients including excellent buying and selling rates.

Core Values

  • Commitment to be the best - People matter
  • our staff, our clients, our suppliers
  • Long-term relationships
  • Transparency
  • Create a relationship based on trust and efficiency


  • Global Foreign Exchange founded, November 2002
  • First branch opened (Oriental Plaza)
  • Second branch opened (Johannesburg International Airport)
  • Cape Town Corporate opened August 2009
  • Johannesburg Corporate opened August 2009

Preferential Procurement

Our preferential procurement policy is a proactive initiative that ensures constructive participation by SMME’s from previously disadvantaged communities as well as large suppliers (Affirmative Business Enterprises) with sophisticated financial, technical and managerial capacity.

The policy applies to all levels and types of contracts and takes into account suitability , quality and pricing. Global Foreign Exchange (Pty) Ltd works actively to create viable outsourcing opportunities for black suppliers. Services currently being rendered by Empowerment companies include printing, transport, stationery, security, accounting, auditing and alarm systems

Employment Equity

Global Foreign Exchange respects the freedom and dignity of all people regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or political persuasion. We aspire to a workforce composition that reflects the society in which we conduct our business.

Our employment equity policy is in place to correct imbalances by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment through the elimination of any form of discrimination or prejudice in the workplace.